Soothe Your Sick Child Naturally... Without Using Over the Counter Drugs 

  • Know how to reduce your child’s fever without using Tylenol.
  • Get rid of an ear ache without antibiotics.
  • Stop a cycle of never ending diaper rash, cradle cap, or reflux.
  • Soothe your child’s uncomfortable symptoms without harsh synthetic medications.
  • Stop feeling like you are taking a wild guess at which remedy to use.
  • Avoid damaging your child’s gut flora by using antibiotics and cause reoccurring illnesses.

Learn Everything You Need to Know to from a Holistic Nurse & an Integrative Nutrition Coach

 Wendi Combes, RN

Roxanne King, INHC

We Will Share the Exact Remedies and Protocols we Personally use with Our Own Children

Here's What the Course Includes...

You'll Get Access to Our Online Portal so You Can Log-in and Access Your Materials 24/7

  • Natural Remedies 101 Video Module
  • Foundations of Nutrition & Supplements Video Module
  • 11 Video Modules on each specific Ailment or Illness
  • Downloadable Slides for each module
  • Resources on each topic to further your research
  • Links to the Exact Places Where you can Purchase the Remedies You Need

Plus these Invaluable Bonuses

  • Our Handy Remedy Reference Guide (PDF) that includes all the ailments in the course (so you can download the PDF on your Smart Phone and have it ready when you need a quick reference). 
  • Our Remedy Recipe Book (PDF) so you have all the recipes in one easy download! 

Enroll for Only $99

Here's What You'll Learn...

Section One

  • Who We Are - Learn more about your teachers
  • Our 5 Pillars of Natural Remedies
  • Nutrition & Supplements for Everyday Healthy

Section Two

  • Fever & Flu Remedies
  • Sore Throat Remedies
  • Cough & Cold Remedies
  • Ear Infection Remedies & Prevention

Section Three

  • Colic & Reflux Remedies
  • Tummy Bugs & GI Remedies

Section Four

  • Remedies for Skin Problems
  • Natural First Aid Solutions
  • Teething, Lice, Cancker sores & More

Section Five

  • Remedies for Sleep & Bedwetting
  • Learn Healthy Solutions and Alternatives for Everyday Health!

Here's What People are Saying About It...

It Surpassed my Expectation!

"This course was exactly what I have been looking for for YEARS! I wanted to use natural remedies, but I didn't know how or what to use!  I started looking for more info on the Internet but it was so confusing and I wasn't sure what was safe for my now 3 kids.  I knew from the very first module how awesome of a resource this was and it was exactly what I was looking for - and it surpassed my expectations!"

- Janelle, Mom of three

It Made Remedies More Accessible

"I love this course because it made natural remedies seem more accessible. I was always intimidated by this topic but your course was so user-friendly! I love the handouts and the practical ways in which you taught about the topics. I really appreciate this course!"

- Kristie A.

Enroll for only $99

A Parent's Guide to Natural Remedies is amazing!

"I have been using essential oils for several years and thought I was "radical" for doing so. : ) However, your class opened my eyes to a whole world of remedies that I knew nothing about. I went through all of the sessions and ended up purchasing several of the items you recommended. Several others are still on my list. : ) In addition, when I had an ailment recently, I referred to your guide and it was so specific that I was able to use the exact remedy I needed for my specific symptoms. I saw immediate results. Everyone in my family has started using the remedies I've purchased so far, and I really can't thank you enough for your class."

- Cassie

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